I usually find my inspiration to write when something ‘happens’ , good or bad , strange or extraordinary – does not matter. I log into this blog when I want to say so much about something but I do not know to whom; so I come here and I vent. Usually, I just turn it into a guide to how these things relate to the massive change of continent, or how to deal with them when you are new to being ‘independent’ .

You know, what is the sad part about being a new ‘independent’ is ? it is that you are now ‘alone’ . Remember, I am not saying that your parents or friends won’t help you through it, but if you are anything like me , you will not even tell them what is bothering you. I think that is just a clause in the ‘being an adult’ contract : you mould yourself in a way that you refrain from telling anyone about your problems. This sometimes makes you call your high school best-friend with whom you had a falling out . and just talk about anything, but your problems. So, what I am saying is , and am probably quoting someone; but recently said by my cousin :

Adulthood is a scam’

I am sorry for being so negative, but someone has to say the truth. I was living in this delusion that the minute I leave India, I will be living the dream. Which in it’s most basic essence , I am. I am studying in the university I dreamed of , a course I love in a country tat has everything. But, I would say that it is not exactly what I wanted. I have literally zero seconds to think about what is going around, what I am feeling or take a moment to realise that I am alive, take a breathe and have nothing on my mind. I have not been able to find time to workout, explore this new country or sleep.

I started loosing the sense of who I actually am, as a human. The human – interaction decreased exponentially here, it was all sitting in front of a PC with a notebook and a pen . Every now and then, when I zone out in a lecture or am looking outside the bus window , I make it a point to think about who I was before life got busy and before I stopped taking care of myself.

A human needs so much more than just using the analytical and logical part of the brain. I was listening ti a ted talk by Johann Hari called ‘This could be why you’re depressed or anxious’ |( https://youtu.be/MB5IX-np5fE ) ; it got me thinking that as time passes, human generation is evolving but is turning into robots. We have stopped interacting with each other or even ourselves. The inner ‘humanity’ , that makes us different, is dying. As said in the TED talk that humans need to be in a tribe, which is true ! We need others to survive.

How long has it been since you have had that unexplainable feeling of warmth or something like that , which you do not realise you are having while having it. But, once it is gone – You miss it? Like when you are having the time of your life on a hangout, you do not realise you are , but you smile and start missing it the minute you get back home. The feeling you can always remember , the TRUE emotion. I do not know how to actually describe this, but I am sure you get it ! Hopefully, you guys are actually thinking about one of these memories and smiling about it .

Typing the last paragraph, I realised that just smiling is such a precious emotion, which I , personally have not REALLY smiled in a long time. I mean I am not ‘depressed’, I laughed yesterday at the library , but YOU GET IT , RIGHT ??

We need to make connections and networks, and not the ones you connect on Linkedin, but the ones you call up at 11:00 pm and get drunk on pizza and a good Netflix show. We homo sapiens need other homo sapiens to remain homo sapiens. And I am not talking about how the romantic relationships, (which is also great !) but ACTUL FRIENDS are AMAZING ! TRUST ME !! I have a few and they are amazing !

Anyway, what I am saying is , NURTURE YOURSELF ! YOU ARE IMPORTANT ! One of my friends told me,


Which, honestly has become my motto for life, and I will tell you it is amazing. I have been chanting this inside my head whenever I have been in a pit. But, do not stick to it directly , remember to not hurt someone. Being selfish is wrong, but so is giving up yourself totally for something you do not believe in just for someone else.

Wow, this has really turned into a self helping essay. I do not know what title to give this, I have just being blabbing.


Much love !

The TO-DO List

Let’s talk about things you are gonna wanna do before bidding your goodbye.


Living in Australia can get expensive when it comes to paying your rent every week. It can cost up to $260 a week, for a shared room, which could be great if you find a good room-mate and can adjust easily. The nearer you get to the city, the university or bus/train stations your rent gets higher and higher. You can always ask you university(if you have one) to help you out for accomodation, but they are usually shared rooms and high prices.

To get a good deal, start exploring way before you actually need one. There are going to be a huge number of results available, try to find the one near to your place of work , an appropriate distance from your public transport stations (if you need one) , and the one that fits your financial constraints.


There is a lot of things to do before packing your bags. Most importantly, if you are going to have to find work in Australia, do a course, get a certificate, gain experience and volunteer that would help you get a job.

Start applying for jobs online way before you land, because it takes a really really long time to even get short-listed. There are so many sites available online, draft in a super classy resume and a cover letter, and keep posting it in every open job, you think you can do.


Every country has different rules when it comes to approving your driving licence.

Australia has different rules for everyone of its six states. One should definitely look out for the rules and find out how to get a licence. There are a lot of public transport available, yet it gets a little inconvenient, especially at odd hours.


In a new country, new city you surely are going to find yourself lost. imagine surrounded by weird, unknown street names, tall, sky-kissing buildings, people walking past you with their earphones blasting songs, while you are standing there trying to find your way.

Start exploring the place on GOOGLE EARTH , zoom in on streets where you will be spending most of your time. Explore the area, find a place that you would love to go regularly, a club you would like to join, a volunteering group that helps you mingle. After all, you have to get out of your apartment and look at the new world around you in reality and not on a lighted screen.

Once you get there, you are going to be surrounded by weird, unknown street names, tall, sky-kissing buildings, people walking past you with their earphones blasting songs.

But guess what?

You got options!

  1. ASK someone. Yes, I know you can be hesitant, but they are just human beings: Homo Sapiens. Ask them, all they are going to do is answer you!
  2. GOOGLE MAPS ! your smart phone is so much more than a screen to update your status. Just search your query, and make your parents believe that the internet is not just evil. From the nearest cafe to a beach far far away, you will get all the information you need, the opening hours, the public transport, the taxis, EVERY-THING.

Keep going … I will see you sooon !

Much love,

Saloni xoxo


Remember how excited you were to hop on that plane and just take off ?

Well, I had goals and dreams and a view of the ‘New Me’!

Let me have the honour to give you a summary of how things are going to be, or frankly, how they have been with me. 6 moths in a nutshell :

Brutal reality check anyone?

It is not easy or dreamy, and for sure not what you expect it to be.

Now, I found an apartment before I boarded the Singapore Airlines from New Delhi. So it was one check on the to-do list. I will be giving the details of how to go around in the first week in the next blog. Right now lets just stick to the non-practical approach, shall we?

You are going to be on you A game the first month. I mean you will be getting up before the sun rises, reaching the university twenty minutes before the class starts, full of passion, full of enthusiasm and ready to conquer the world.

Once you turn the calendar on you desk to the next month : whoosh! All the systems you created and your energy just disappears like the sun after 4:00 pm in the winters here.

Imagine the calendar as your energy meter. As the months go by, the pile of pages behind your calendar increases, your energy meter decreases. It is a great metaphor if you ask me. I had twelve months, and now I have six left. I am half as enthusiastic as I were.

Somedays you will want to just run back home, hug your family or friends and never come back here. But deep down you will know your life is here, you came here to build one, independently, all alone, to prove to yourself that you can cook, do your laundry, earn money and get that degree!


Smile and get out of the bed, take that bus to that beautiful place you have been dying to visit in this city. Take an impulsive step; make a mistake, get broke, stop being too careful. After all, when else would you do all this, if not now?

It is a long journey, not to success, but to adjustment. New people, new mindset, new principles to follow, and a new you?

All I can say it, it is not a unicorn ride with rainbows in a candy land, it never will be. But you can make it worth it. So do not be heart-broken when things are not going the way you thought they would when you saw that ‘acceptance letter’ , because trust me they are never what you expect.


But again,


~ Heyyyaa people ! I will be up with another sooner than soon ,

Next up : THE TO-DO LIST


Much love, Saloni

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